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Jimmy Alderson

Frontman Jimmy was instrumental in the development of the band in his twelve years in the line-up prior to departing to work on other projects, and now returning to the fold in 2023. The consumate frontman, Jimmy started his music career as a pro vocalist fronting a London based soul/blues outfit and touring across Europe before relocating to Devon and joining the band first time round. Welcome back Jimmy!

Flick Dukes-Allan


Flick has worked a pro vocalist for many years, fronting bands and working all over the UK. Joining the band in 2016 before taking time out for mothership (or was it to contact the mother ship?). Flick brings awesome vocals, great on-stage energy, and packets of Skittles on road trips.

Sami-Jane Slater


Sami is a University Graduate in Music Performance and sings R&B, Soul, Motown & Jazz. Despite her tender years she's been a busy girl - performing at the legendary Dingwalls London, supporting Peter Andre, lead singer with Birmingham based Detroit Soul, and vocalist with the Radio 1 House Band too. A star of musical theatre too, Sami brings awesome vocal skills and sometimes her dog Luna too.

Alex Jabez Smith

Pro drummer and drum teacher Alex studied under Ralph Salmins at London College of Music (Drumtech) before working as a session man with many UK bands, including Cornish rockers Rootjuice. Later appearing at Glastonbury Festival, London West End shows, Radio 1's Jo Whiley/Pete Tong show and as a drum leader at the London Olympics opening ceremony. Alex joined the band in 2010 and brings outstanding technical ability as well as the loudest laugh known to man.

Steve Hood


Once they're over the shock of seeing Bill Clinton on guitar, Steve sets audiences alight with fast fret work and outstanding technical ability. Possessing the hand/eye co-ordination of Lord Nelson, Steve is expertly proficient across all genres of music which suits the band's diverse set.

Joining the band in 1999, Steve's influences are John Schofield and Pat Metheny, but mainly Monica Lewinsky.

Jake Galvin


Jake brings the funk! Featuring in Bass Guitar Magazine and having performed across the the USA, Europe and the UK with various great bands, including Cosmo Jarvis, Antimatador, Freshly Squeezed, and Otis Redding III, Jake is not quite the youngest member of the band, but definitely the coolest.


Steve Northcott


AKA Steve Nordcott, one of Steve's earliest memories is of playing a toy piano at the age of four. He played a real piano at the age of five and has recently learnt to use the black notes too.

Steve went on to play in school bands and later played with Stiff Richard and Don't Walk, before joining Joey line up after a break of five years. Steve's nickname is Noxy, nobody knows why, including him.


John George

John is the only remaining founder member from when the band formed in 1994. Around that time he was also saxophonist with Soul Station and The Ant Hill Mob. He studied Contemporary World Jazz at University and has never cleaned his saxophone. He also manages the band and can often be found answering to 'What time are we on? Is it a sit down meal'? If he has any time left John can be seen performing elsewhere with modern jazz quintet Blue Trane.


Vincent Touret


Originally located in the Loire Valley, France, music teacher Vincent took up trombone at the age of 8, later studying at the Conservatoire Nationale de Musique in Tours before becoming Professeur and Director Of Music at Montrichard School. After specialising in street band orchestras Vincent relocated to Devon in 2018, joining Joey the Lips and already speaking better English than we do.


Lauren Carroll

Lauren was our go-to trumpet deputy for some time and now joins as a permanent member. Lauren started out in the brass band world before realising that trumpet was much cooler! Having played with originals bands at Glastonbury and as a section player in various bands she now delivers the high end punch in the JTL horn section! 

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